For the past twenty-three years, as a CEO for Swim Australia and the Australian Swim Coaches and Teachers Association; followed by Australian Swim Schools Association and International Swim Schools Association, a key role and responsibility was the development of resources needed for the successful servicing of members, raising of industry standards and promoting to government, media and the community.

Such resources came in many forms and were delivered on various platforms.

I can help you with resource development that can include webinars, podcasts, blogs, eBooks and Presentations.

Some of the most significant achievements relate to the development of the Inclusive Swim Schools Standard – driver for Swim Australia, then ASSA;  the release of the Early Years Swimming Report – industry consultant for Griffith University; and the production of the Kids Alive Living With Water DVD – industry consultant to the Federal Government … the latter two projects with Laurie and Emma Lawrence.

Early Years Swimming Adding Capital To Young Australians
Towards An Inclusive Swim School Standards
Kids Alive Presents Living With Water