Having been CEO of Swim Australia, the Australian Swim Coaches and Teachers Association, the Australian Swim Schools Association and the International Swim Schools Association – and participated in Board and other similar meetings of various other organisations, – I have accumulated a range of highly valuable governance capabilities.

I currently voluntarily Chair the Little Heroes Swim Academy Board (registered charity); Chair the HealthySwim Australia Board and ASSA Water Safety Committee. I recently retired from the Bond University’s Sport and Exercise Science External Advisory Committee.

“By Chairing HealthySwim Australia, Ross has been able to expertly keep the group focused – keeping them on track. At all times he is cognisant of what resources are available, thus the need to prioritise if the desired outcomes are to be progressively obtained.”

David Brauer

Major Sponsor, HealthySwim Australia

Little Heroes Swim Academy
Bond University
Australian Swim Schools Association
Healthy Swim