I believe the key to outstanding events is to remain abreast of current developments and market trends, and stay in touch with all stakeholders to ensure all needs are met and participation is robust.

I pull together conference teams to plan, host, budget and secure sponsorship for the event – from conception through to event delivery.

For the ‘big events’ – at times spanning 10 days with multiple streams, courses, meetings, expos and functions over several levels on the venue and off-site action too – my services start with evaluating to booking the location and venue options.

I can also help with program development (keynotes, panels, breakouts etc) and sourcing the best speakers to address topics that are relevant and engaging for event participants. Exhibitors also need to be catered for, ensuring they receive value for their time and financial investment. Fun, interactive networking socials are critical. Full staffing is an option.

All these services are offered for the likes of conferences, seminars, workshops and tours.

As more events become on-line or hybrid, we have had recent successes in preparing, marketing and delivering webcasts and online summits.

Successful Events

Conferences (incorporating Trade Exhibitions)

…the jewel in the crown

  •  International Swim Schools Spectacular: Gold Coast 2018; Singapore 2020 – Incorporating the World Infant Aquatics Conferences
  • International Swim Schools Conference: Fiji 2005, 2009; Phuket 2014
  • Australian Swim Schools Conference: Gold Coast 2016, 2018; Darwin 2017; Cairns 2019
  • National SwimDISABILITY Conference: Gold Coast 2016
  • Australasian-Oceania Swimming Professionals Convention: 1993 – 2015


…getting out and about

  • Women Walking on Water: Melbourne 2020 – incorporating International Women’s Day and the Final of the Women’s T20 World Cup
  • National SwimDISABILITIES Fest: Cairns 2015
  • National SwimTOTS Fest: Cairns 2015
  • Over 50 seminars on Management and Teaching around Australia, including regional areas: 2000 – 2019


…continuously challenging

  • Marketing to Mums: Melbourne 2018; Cairns 2019
  • Child Safe: Cairns 2019
  • Lifestyle Inventory: Fiji 2005; Sydney 2006
  • Jeff Metzger’s Business BootCamp: Port Douglas, 2001; Yeppoon, 2004; Gold Coast, 2006.


…collaborating for a better outcome

  • Australian Swim Schools Association’s Strategic Planning Forum: Brisbane 2017
  • Swim Australia’s Committee’s Planning and Cross-engagement Summit: Gold Coast 2015 – over 4 days, in conjunction with the Pan Pacific Swimming Championships
  • Swim Australia’s Strategic Planning Forum: Sydney 2014


…recognition rewarding excellence – raising the bar

  • National Swim Schools Awards of Excellence: 1999 – 2019
  • ASCTA Awards Dinner: 1993 – 2015
  • Swim Australia Awards Dinner: 1999 – 2015
  • Australian Swim Schools Awards Gala: 2016 – 2019
  • Australian Swim Schools Hall of Fame: 2016 – 2019
  • Testimonial Dinners for Olympic Coaching Legends: Joe King, 1993; Forbes & Ursula Carlile, 1995


…cultivating assets for member, industry and community benefit

  • National SwimSAFER Week: 2012 – 2015
  • National SAFERSwimming Week: 2016-2019

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Ross Gage for the past few years after he reached out to me to speak for ASSA in 2017. Ross is a delight to work with and a genuine, caring man. He is professional, respectful and he has great attention to detail. I always love the opportunity to work with Ross at the helm. He produces quality, fun learning events for both speakers and participants alike.”

Katrina McCarter

Speaker, Author, Marketing Advisor,

“If you are a professional speaker or a thought leader and Ross approaches you to speak for the Swim Schools Association, say YES. Working with Ross is a joy. You are working with a team of top and experienced professionals who are openminded, curious, positive, great listeners, helpful, willing to take risks and try new ideas. You can trust Ross. A word is a word, time is a time. They always deliver on every promise. Everything is organized to perfection with high standards. Ross helped me to connect with their members to help me learn about the industry to make my presentations relevant to their experience. I did not know much about the industry. I did not know how big, fun, kind and caring are the people in this industry. Presenting at the event was an amazing experience. I had one of the best audience one could hope for. They participated, they were passionate, they had great ideas and asked great questions. If Ross selects you to speak or train, just say YES and you will be rewarded with great new friends and an opportunity to serve one of the most wonderful, warm and gracious audiences you could ask for. “

Avi Larin

Delivering Delight