As an outstanding facilitator with a strong client service ethic, I have a proven ability to engage, manage and negotiate with diverse client and stakeholder portfolios.

I have extensive experience in designing and delivering professional development programs, policy and strategy to an array of industry stakeholders.

My clients have included single and multi-site providers, national and international Associations and Industry suppliers.

Advice ranges from mentoring to driving the review and development of the specifics of their business basics. This includes visioning, planning, strategising, workforce development, customer experience – all aimed to help your business thrive without being so dependent on you. So you can sleep better at night!

“We had no hesitation in bringing Ross on to consult regarding the Brauer Swim sales in general and the direction of HealthySwim Australia in particular. Such was the value of the input, Ross was retained to guide the development of HeathySwim Australia.  To date, his performance has reaffirmed to me that he is the most connected, respected expert in the swim school world.  He gets people, he gets business and he gets community.”

David Brauer

Owner, Brauer Swim

International Association of Child Development Programs
Brauer Swim
Icon Gymsports
Carlile Swimming